Zero-Touch Storage: The Future of VMware Software-Defined Storage

Welcome to VMware’s software-defined storage, now fulfilled. Today a VM admin can break free from the traditional lag that storage presents. The speed of business, DevOps, cloud, and the age of containers are all demanding more agility from IT. To upgrade a traditional storage architecture, an admin must submit a ticket with the storage team — and they must, in turn, work within their own rigid set of tools.

A VM admin wants to move/add/change VMs, but the process has just become too hard. It’s a headache to get provisioning, scaling, and operations completed along with ensuring SLAs. In this madness, the new design for zero-touch storage emerges.

The problem in a nutshell

Agility. The speed of business demands VM administrators respond to the needs of business units, users, and app developers through some of the toughest evolving operating models (e.g. DevOps and Lean Cloud). VM admins and app builders often deal with the following gravity from the storage teams:


To sum up: Storage has required too much management because of the criteria it was built for. In other words, traditional storage was designed for traditional IT. A new age is upon us now.

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