Why Virtual Volumes Matters to You

VMware announced the release of Virtual Volumes 1.0 with the release of vSphere 6.0 late in 2015. Since then, there have been have been numerous blogs and other sources about the benefits. Many of these cover the obvious storage-related problems Virtual Volumes is intended to fix.

These changes have been downplayed by some storage vendors. What tends to get glossed over is the entire, end-to-end VM workflow management advantages that VVOLs provides. As well as its mandatory use of VM-Aware Storage APIs (VASA). This is an intentional change by VMware as they attempt to take more control of and simplify all aspects of VM management.

VMware VVOLs provides a variety of new benefits.

VVol’s provide an out-of-band control channel that allows offloading the creation and manipulation of VM objects, such as configuration info, virtual disks, snapshots and memory images. This new mechanism gets rid of the need for a VMware file system (VMFS) on an LU provided from a storage system.

Getting rid of VMFS provides a handful of benefits:

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