Using the SolidFire Puppet Module

The SolidFire provider allows you to provision volumes on a SolidFire cluster from either a Puppet client or a Puppet device proxy host. The provider also provides facts and resource lists from SolidFire clusters. The provider has been developed against CentOS 7.1 using Puppet-3.8.4. At this stage testing is completely manual.

This tutorial is written as best effort and provides no warranty expressed or implied. Please contact the author(s) if you have questions about this module before running or modifying.


Using the solidfire_account, solidfire_volume and solidfire_vag types, one can quickly provision remote storage and attach it via iSCSI (and FC) from a SolidFire cluster to a client.

The provider utilizes the robust API (json-rpc) available on the SolidFire storage clusters to remotely provision the necessary resources.

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