SolidFire Active Support

Agile, economical, and future-proofed storage

We solve up to 80% of issues before you even know about them.

Unplanned downtime is never a good time. So at SolidFire, we deliver complete, proactive support that helps you prevent up to 80% of your issues altogether, likely without you knowing there was a problem to begin with. Starting the moment you deploy a cluster, SolidFire Active Support continuously monitors your systems to ensure the highest possible level of availability and performance. If not, we fix it.

Proactive philosophy

We monitor for potential issues and solve them before they become problems — addressing 80% of overall issues and 90% of issues that could cause data unavailability.

24/7/365 worldwide availability

Our support is always on with full international coverage and, if necessary, on-site response for critical system issues within four hours.

Secure assist

We provide secure, proactive, hands-on assistance in real time — most of the time before you even become aware of an issue.

Active IQ

Active IQ provides real-time global storage infrastructure health diagnostics and historical trending at the whole system, node, and volume levels for one or multiple locations.

Expert-level, support engineers only

We give you rapid access to a team of top support engineers for every support issue. No entry-level support personnel.

Active IQ: monitoring / reporting

Real-time system visibility

The SolidFire Active IQ SaaS platform, a key element of Active Support, provides real-time health diagnostics, historical performance, and trending from the system level all the way down to each individual volume. This holistic approach to infrastructure monitoring, combined with SolidFire’s unique abilities to upgrade, tune, and scale on-demand without disruption, redefines operational success for storage infrastructure.

  • Anticipate business demands: Real-time usage modeling and granular system data increase agility — enabling you to proactively plan for evolving business demands, simplifying storage resource optimization.
  • Increased productivity: Consolidated monitoring saves time when managing multiple clusters/sites, and comprehensive storage metrics reduce assessment efforts. This means you have continuous visibility into changing conditions, empowering you to avoid issues rather than react to them.
  • Reduced risk: Customizable alerts notify you instantly of possible issues. Faster response reduces risk for the business.

SolidFire active support levels

Choose the ideal level of support for your specific business needs. SolidFire offers two levels of Active Support:

Basic Premium
Four-hour on-site support with spare arrays
Active cluster monitoring and problem notification
Upgrade availability notification for Element OS releases and upgrades
Replacement parts delivery time Next business day 4-hour
Support availability 24/7/365 24/7/365
Support response time Sev1 - 2 hour Sev2 - 4 hour Sev3 - Next business day Sev1 - 30 min Sev2 - 2 hour Sev3 - 4 hour
Unlimited access to customer knowledge base and support portal
Unlimited access to SolidFire updates and patches
Unlimited access to updated release notes, API guides, and user guides
Active IQ monitoring of unlimited number of clusters

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