Guaranteed performance for Oracle

Flexible, highly available low-latency storage perfect for database applications

SolidFire and Oracle

SolidFire is uniquely suited to run a variety of Oracle database workloads - from OLTP, DSS, heavily indexed VLDB all the way to backup and disaster recovery copies - and is the only storage system that can guarantee performance to each and every Oracle Database volume. See Oracle Validated Configuration 11g and 12c.

Ideal for database consolidation

Eliminate database silos by consolidating multiple Oracle databases onto a single SolidFire storage system, allowing significant reduction in infrastructure costs with a single platform for all database workloads. Granular QoS control guarantees IOPS to all databases, enabling greater database density from a shared storage infrastructure.

About Oracle

The Oracle database is an object-relational database management system used the world over. Customers rely on the Oracle database to power their business critical applications and workloads: online transaction processing, online analytics processing, decision support systems, data warehouses and very large databases, as well as backup & recovery, disaster recovery and secondary processing.

Key benefits of Oracle on SolidFire

Guaranteed application performance

  • Faster application and transaction response times
  • Guaranteed performance in recovery scenarios via RMAN switch-to-copy or Data Guard switchover
  • Eliminate Data Guard lag by applying random updates quickly, accommodating bursty workloads

Accelerate innovation

  • Faster queries, more queries helps derive additional revenue from data
  • Space efficient snaps, clones coupled with robust automation helps create additional data copies quickly and easily, shortening development cycle time
  • Reduce storage capital and operational expenses by consolidating multiple databases onto a single SolidFire cluster

Enterprise-class data protection

  • Shrink backup windows by implementing RMAN incrementally updated backup strategy
  • Utilize SolidFire snaps, clones for revision control when applying incremental updates
  • RAID-less data protection provides fast rebuilds, minimal performance impact during failures
  • Oracle Database with SolidFire Storage
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