Accelerate and consolidate MySQL with confidence

High performance storage ideal for multiple databases and copies

SolidFire and MySQL

SolidFire’s scale-out architecture and guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) are a perfect fit for consolidating multiple MySQL databases and database copies. Facilitate multi-petabyte scale in a horizontal and non-disruptive fashion while guaranteeing QoS for each and every data volume.

Perfect fit for consolidating multiple databases

SolidFire’s ability to tailor resource needs to every single volume through QoS allows for each database to be precisely customized to support the needs of the application, without the risk of I/O contention or the need to over provision storage. Consolidating reduces database licensing costs, eliminates storage silos, and drives down overall administration, enabling virtualized architectures.

About MySQL

MySQL is the world’s most commonly deployed open source relational database management system. A critical component in LAMP stacks (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP/Python), MySQL helps its users deploy high-volume web applications, business-critical systems, packaged software and open source projects that require a full-feature RDBMS.

Key benefits of MySQL on SolidFire

Guaranteed application performance

  • QoS ensures databases perform at the speed of the business
  • Accelerate database performance on the fly without re-architecting underlying storage
  • Back up, restore multi-terabyte MySQL databases in seconds vs. hours, minimizing disruption to business in the event production data is lost or corrupted

Consolidate with confidence

  • QoS enables databases to be consolidated onto single storage system, reducing management complexity and infrastructure costs
  • Zero-overhead clones enable multiple useable copies of MySQL, all with custom QoS, with little to no capacity overhead
  • Inline deduplication reduces amount of data for consolidated workloads with cloned copies, providing low $/GB and improved total cost of ownership
  • Data center consolidation enables virtualized architectures

Run at web-scale

  • Quickly and non-disruptively change database performance and capacity without re-architecting or migration
  • Scale-out architecture eliminates disruption of forklift upgrades; adjust volume capacity on the fly or add additional nodes to non-disruptively scale the entire storage layer
  • Automate all aspects of DBaaS deployment, accelerating time to market
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