Flexible, scalable storage with dedicated performance

Unlocking the power of MongoDB

SolidFire and MongoDB

SolidFire is the only storage system that combines dynamic performance control with the simplicity and scalability delivered in a MongoDB environment.

MongoDB Database Environment

About MongoDB

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MongoDB is a scalable, high-performance, NoSQL document database system. It’s an agile database that allows schemas to change quickly as applications evolve, while still providing the functionality developers expect from a traditional relational database. This design enables extremely scalable and agile applications and drives improved customer experience, faster time to market and lower cost.

Key benefits of MongoDB on SolidFire

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Performance control - SolidFire allows you to dynamically adjust storage performance as needed to ensure your MongoDB environment delivers optimal throughput with minimal latency.

  • Adjust database volume performance on the fly
  • API integration enables auto-scaling and full-stack performance automation
  • Control performance (IOPS) independent of capacity (GBs)
  • All-SSD architecture delivers optimal throughput with minimal latency
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Horizontal scaling - With SolidFire you can linearly scale storage capacity and performance resources to meet the demands of rapid application data growth.

  • True scale-out design complements architecture of NoSQL datastores
  • Support rapid application growth without downtime or migration
  • 1-click volume expansion
  • Rapid volume cloning capabilities unlocks new deployment and scaling strategies
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Unlock adaptive database architectures - SolidFire is the only platform that gives you the flexibility to align storage resources to your MongoDB infrastructure in support of your application needs.

  • Adapt database performance real time with dynamic QoS controls
  • Architect as needed by tailoring volumes to the exact needs of the database
  • Breaking the traditional over-provisioning model allows for new approaches to provisioning volumes
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Simplified administration - Simplified storage provisioning and management allows DBAs to easily map their business logic needs against available storage resources.

  • Virtualized storage resources means no RAID groups, pools or spares to manage
  • Provision based on GBs and IOPS makes it easy for the DBA to translate business logic to the storage system
  • Consolidate applications and eliminate islands of storage
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