SolidFire AI for OpenStack

A validated infrastructure for OpenStack data center design

Converged infrastructure offerings are often an exercise in retrofitting legacy components into a pretty wrapper.

SolidFire’s Agile Infrastructure (AI) solution is a series of reference architectures built for OpenStack infrastructures. It packages best-of-breed components (Red Hat, OpenStack, Dell or Cisco compute and networking, and SolidFire) together in a pre-validated design for IT departments so they can confidently and quickly embark on their journey to the Next Generation Data Center.

Operational benefits of AI for OpenStack


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  • <1 hour to deploy from bare metal to OpenStack.
  • 2.5 hours to create and boot 1,000 new persistent instances with 100GB root disks and key injection.
  • 15 minutes to clone 1,000 volumes (100GB each)
  • 15 minutes to add additional OpenStack compute nodes and deployed instances


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  • <30 minutes to provision from bare metal to operating system across 17 nodes
  • <30 minutes to install and configure OpenStack across 17 nodes


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  • Host up to 1,000 virtual machines consuming < 25% of available storage performance
  • Headroom to 2x compute capacity from within initial single rack configuration
  • Zero downtime of compute and storage nodes added without downtime or disruption


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  • Support for mixed workload environment with varying IO characteristics
  • Maintain consistent performance levels across all instances via storage QoS settings


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  • Extreme data reduction: cluster wide deduplication and compression
  • 3x IOPS per GB compared to traditional converged infrastructure
  • 27U rack footprint including 360 cores, 4TBs RAM, ~1000 vCPUs, 250,000 IOPS and 60TBs

OpenStack for Everyone

Accelerate the adoption of OpenStack with SolidFire’s AI solution

Built for the Next Generation Data Center, SolidFire is the leading block storage solution in OpenStack. For customers that need scalable, highly available, agile, predictable, automated block storage there is no better option in OpenStack.

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