Webinar - Managing SolidFire with PowerShell in a VMware Environment

In this webinar recording we will demonstrate how you can manage and automate SolidFire storage in a VMware vSphere environment with PowerShell. SolidFire Cloud Architect, Josh Atwell, shows us how to leverage the SolidFire Tools for PowerShell and PowerCLI to manage the lifecycle of applications leveraging SolidFire resources.

Learn how to use PowerShell as a tool to help navigate some of the common tasks that a VMware administrator faces every day. From deploying SolidFire in a VMware vSphere environment, to automating storage management tasks to align to the vSphere Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM) frameworks, and to collecting valuable utilization, efficiency, and deployment information.

Read more about the PowerShell Tools for SolidFire on the SolidFire Blog.

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