Still using – and paying the price for – tools and technologies designed for legacy infrastructure?

Stop. Reduce cost and complexity across the enterprise now.

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To stay ahead in the face of heightened service delivery standards, you're searching for ways to deliver infrastructure resources, applications, and IT services in a more agile, scalable, automated, and predictable manner.

Here’s a way. SolidFire’s Agile Infrastructure, a series of pre-validated reference architectures, integrates compute, storage, and networking into one system to drive automation and agility.

Here’s what it does: It reduces cost and complexity across the enterprise ecosystem and allows you to independently provision capacity and performance to eliminate dedicated resources.

Purchase only what you need, when you need it, enabling granular, incremental growth. Simplify end-to-end provisioning and control with Agile Infrastructure's deep integration with VMware and OpenStack.

Leave legacy behind. Your next generation data center starts here.

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