Reference Architecture - SolidFire and VMware Horizon View

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This document is intended to assist solution architects, field engineers, consultants, or IT administrators with a basic proof of concept design for a VMware Horizon View environment using SolidFire as the storage system. The document assumes the reader has a working knowledge of VMware vSphere, VMware Horizon View, and related infrastructure components.

With SolidFire at the base of the design, the SolidFire Reference Architecture for VMware Horizon View outlines a basic VDI infrastructure in support of a commonly encountered use case. It also highlights the key design considerations to help maximize user experience, simplify management, and improve scalability while minimizing infrastructure costs. Highlights include: general VDI architecture design; storage configuration guidelines; VMware networking configuration; VMware Horizon View configuration; and test results validating the configuration.

Types: Reference Architectures

Categories: VMware, VDI,

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