How SolidFire's Rest-based API Enables Complete Automated Management

Learn about SolidFire's Rest-Based API and how it enables complete automation of the SolidFire storage system.

Video Transcription

Hello I'm Derek Leslie, Senior Product Manager at SolidFire. In this video I'm going to discuss our rest based API and how it enables complete automation of the SolidFire system. The SolidFire user interface is completely built on top of the SolidFire rest based API. Everything I see in the UI is customer facing and can be integrated with very easily. Any action I take through the API has a response in the UI. Conversely, any action I take through the UI will generate an API request and output.

To show you a brief example on the power of our API, I'm setting the guaranteed performance quality of service on 200 volumes. The cluster is responding immediately. Now when I focus on one volume from the UI I can change the QoS settings and see the API output below on what API calls are used to execute these commands. SolidFire has several integrations around OpenStack, CloudStack, and VMware. Through SolidFire's API we have extremely deep integration with the OpenStack block storage service as well as CloudStack's orchestration platform. You can manage your SolidFire resources through these tools without additional workflows or managements screens. Attach, transfer, remove, boot, snap, clone and delete volumes directly from your orchestration platform.

You can granularly provision dedicated volumes through OpenStack where each volume is backed by SolidFire's guaranteed performance QoS. In CloudStack you can define and provision data disks directly from the CloudStack user interface. Each data disk also has guaranteed performance and is isolated to each instance. Our VMware integration is accomplished with a vSphere plugin, that allows you to manage SolidFire storage directly from vSphere. SolidFire is an early design partner with VMware on VVols, which removes the need to have multiple VM's sharing a single volume.

As you can see here I can granularly set Min, Max, and burst IOPS for every application or VM individually. SolidFire's API is extensible and feature rich. Whether it's integration with cloud orchestration software, monitoring, or a customized automated provisioning framework. Our API was purpose built to make these possible. For more information on how SolidFire's API can help automate many of your administrative tasks and reduce your apex, visit and request a demo.

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