Enable your Private Cloud with ITaaS...and Disable Shadow IT

Why are developers fueling shadow IT? Your IT infrastructure could be stifling their innovation.

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IT-provisioning bottlenecks derail productivity and create more oxygen for the shadow IT effect. Learn how to prevent developers from spinning up their own infrastructure resources outside your organization’s IT infrastructure.

“Enable your Private Cloud with ITaaS...and Disable Shadow IT” will show you how to:
  • Enable self-service and rapid IT delivery to grow your business
  • Make even the most impatient dev teams happy — and happy to keep innovating on your behalf
  • Deploy a private cloud, providing infrastructure flexibility, scale, and automation inside your firewall
  • Briefly assess OpenStack as an orchestration platform for your private cloud
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“High-performing developers naturally need more agility and scalability in their infrastructure so they achieve what you hired them to do: innovate, solve business problems, and move the enterprise forward. If you want an IT organization that inhibits shadow IT and engages best-in-class performers, consider arming your developers instead of forcing them to retreat.”

-[Enable your Private Cloud with ITaaS]

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