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SolidFire helps 1&1 deliver a first-class cloud experience

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As one of the world’s leading cloud and hosting service providers, serving consumer, business, and developer users, 1&1’s award-winning products range from web hosting and domains to the provisioning of dedicated, virtual private and cloud servers, email, and e-commerce packages.

1&1 sought out a new storage vendor to remove the limitations and complexity of their traditional storage platform, both for customers and the operations team. Not only did the SolidFire storage platform greatly simplify end user cloud experiences, but it simultaneously reduced internal complexity — primarily thanks to SolidFire’s scale-out architecture and built-in automation.

Key Highlights

✓ Guaranteed performance for all of 1&1’s customers
✓ Reduced storage infrastructure complexity
✓ Improved flexibility and performance for all cloud customers
✓ Ability to easily scale-out storage infrastructure

✓ New 1&1 Cloud Server platform
✓ VMware vSphere, HP Blades, Cisco Nexus switches, and SolidFire storage
✓ SolidFire enables the sharing of multiple products in one platform without the “noisy neighbor” problems of traditional storage
✓ Thanks to SolidFire’s API, 1&1 is able to integrate the platform fully into its management and orchestration environments

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