5 elements of a successful Next Generation Data Center infrastructure: Scale-Out

This video covers the "Scale-Out" element of the Next Generation Data Center and how it relates to cloud.

Video Transcription

Good afternoon. I'm Ed Balduf. I'm a cloud solutions architect at SolidFire. We're here at the OpenStack Summit. I'm going to talk to you a little bit about scale-out in storage and how it relates to cloud. I started my drawing here with my simple three boxes of the hypervisors in a cloud. Talk a little bit about usually when you're building your cloud you roll these hypervisors in. You may add more into there, and then you have a piece of cloud management software that sits on my lovely laptop over here that runs this.

Cloud is all about how do I put VMs into these hypervisors and move them around as necessary and scale this out? When I need more VMs and more capacity, I add more pieces to the cloud. We can also do this with networking, but I'm going to cheat and not actually draw the network, but we're going to put that in there. We have our network pieces. We may actually build this network as a leaf and tree network here, so we have that.

When we look at storage, storage traditionally has been a single unit, or maybe it's a couple units, but when we scale that we're adding more units. We're adding complexity and we don't have the software to tie this together. What cloud really demands is the ability to take these two pieces, maybe make them smaller to start with so that I can get a bunch of units in here. But how do I put that cloud piece around that and then continue to add and scale to this but still manage that with a single piece of storage?

We really want the same situation we have for the compute and the networking piece to come down here into the storage. That's why we draw it kind of like that. You really want this to have the same paradigm where it scales out evenly by adding more and more boxes into a common infrastructure that's managed by one piece of cloud management software or cloud storage management software. Then we can carve volumes off of the top of this anywhere we want in here. Perhaps we can even strike that volume across all of those nodes in the storage cluster. With that, I hope you gained some knowledge on modern ways to build your storage infrastructure for the cloud, and thank you.

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