SolidFire Launches Fueled by SolidFire™, an Unprecedented Go-to-Market Program Designed for Cloud Providers

BOULDER, Colo., May 23, 2013

SolidFire, the leader in all-solid-state (SSD) storage systems designed for cloud infrastructure, today launched Fueled by SolidFire™, a comprehensive go-to-market program designed to support cloud providers' development, positioning, and growth of services built on SolidFire storage technology.

"SolidFire has set the benchmark for delivering guaranteed Quality-of-Service (QoS) within a multi-tenant cloud infrastructure, but revolutionary technology is only half of the equation to being successful within the cloud landscape," said Jay Prassl, VP of Marketing at SolidFire. "For many cloud providers delivering guaranteed storage performance is a new concept and capability. The Fueled by SolidFire™ program eliminates the guesswork by delivering pricing, packaging, and market positioning support that helps customers optimize the success of their services."

From Proof to Profit The Fueled by SolidFire™ program has four key phases and cloud providers are able to take advantage of the program as they see fit. The program supports cloud providers from proof-of-concept through revenue generation, and sustains growth through co-branded lead generation activities:

  • SolidFire Overview: In-depth market analysis, technical product deep-dive and live product demonstration
  • Productization: Hands-on go-to-market workshop sessions to develop packaging, pricing, performance SLAs, and market positioning of services fueled by SolidFire technology
  • Integration: Techn
  • ical support for tying SolidFire into management and billing tools. Marketing / Sales support via co-branded collateral, sales and engineering training
  • Acceleration: Competitive benchmarking, case study development, and MDF supported lead generation

New Storage QoS Assessment - Creating a Performance Roadmap for Cloud Providers In addition to the Fueled by SolidFire™ program launch, SolidFire also announced availability of a Storage QoS Assessment. The assessment is free, fully customized, and is the quickest way for cloud service providers to understand how their current services relate to those in the market, and how SolidFire's guaranteed QoS will support differentiation and increased revenues.

Advancing the way the world uses the cloud In a recent Zogby Analytics and SolidFire survey, 89 percent of enterprise cloud customers said they would put more applications in the cloud and 86 percent would pay more for cloud services if they were backed by firm performance SLAs. SolidFire is changing the way enterprises compute by enabling cloud providers to deliver the economics of cloud computing to every enterprise application.

"The Fueled by SolidFire™ program has been a unique and refreshing experience for us. They are delivering much more than a storage system," said Henrik Grankvist, co-founder of Elastx. "Their team has helped us to clearly understand the opportunity around delivering services with guaranteed performance. And with SolidFire's support we have built a comprehensive go-to-market plan that will help guide successful delivery and positioning of our services built on the SolidFire storage platform."

Getting Started with the Fueled by SolidFire™ Program To get started with Fueled by SolidFire™ and request a free Storage QoS Assessment, visit or call (720) 523-3278.

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