SolidFire Announces Early Availability of CloudStack Storage Plug-In

Cloud Storage Leader Enables More Dynamic and Granular Provisioning of SolidFire's All-SSD Storage within CloudStack

Apache CloudStack Collaboration Conference - SANTA CLARA, Calif. & BOULDER, Colo., June 20, 2013

SolidFire, the leader in all-solid-state (SSD) storage systems designed for cloud infrastructure, today announced early availability of their driver for the storage plug-in framework within Apache CloudStack. SolidFire is the first vendor within the CloudStack community to upstream their storage driver into CloudStack.

The development of the storage plug-in framework is a major advancement for CloudStack users, removing the need to manually configure storage across different layers of their cloud infrastructure. Accessible for download and testing today, the SolidFire driver allows customers to dynamically provision and manage SolidFire storage and unique Quality-of-Service functionality natively within CloudStack. The plug-in framework and related SolidFire driver will be generally available within the CloudStack 4.2 release slated for August 2013.

"Since getting involved in the community SolidFire has been working hard to increase contributions and awareness to the storage-related efforts within CloudStack," said Mark Hinkle, Senior Director, Open Source Solutions, Citrix Systems. "Delivering the first driver compatible with CloudStack's forthcoming storage plug-in framework is an important milestone for customers looking for more advanced storage orchestration capability from their CloudStack-based infrastructure."

"Our customers are continually looking for faster and more efficient storage solutions," said Ian Rae, CEO, CloudOps. "With SolidFire's unique QoS controls now natively accessible through CloudStack, customers have a compelling storage option for hosting performance-sensitive applications within their CloudStack-based infrastructure."

SolidFire at Apache CloudStack Collaboration Conference If you are attending the Apache CloudStack Collaboration Conference next week in Santa Clara, Calif., SolidFire is sponsoring the developer hackathon and will also be part of a panel discussion; CloudStack & Cloud Storage: Where are we at? Where do we need to go?

For more information on the development of the SolidFire storage plug-in, please refer to this video from a recent CloudStack User Group Meetup. To see a live demo of the SolidFire plug-in for CloudStack please contact

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