SolidFire Advances Block Storage Leadership With OpenStack ‘Grizzly’ Release

Announces support for QoS within OpenStack, Increases Momentum with New Ecosystem Partnerships & Customer Deployments

OPENSTACK SUMMIT - PORTLAND, Ore. and BOULDER, Colo., April 16, 2013

SolidFire, a provider of all-solid-state (SSD) storage systems for cloud infrastructure, announced the achievement of key technology, partnership and customers milestones as part of the latest OpenStack software release, codenamed Grizzly. With the Grizzly release, SolidFire continues to deliver the industry's most comprehensive support for the Cinder block storage service. Enhanced features supported by SolidFire's OpenStack Driver in this release include QoS settings via volume types, boot from volumes, and multi-backend support allowing for the seamless addition of a SolidFire cluster into an existing Cinder environment.

To allow customers to utilize this advanced functionality, SolidFire has aligned with leading OpenStack distributions. The company today announced they have established partnerships with both Nebula and Rackspace Private Cloud. Through SolidFire's integration with these cloud management platforms, customers get best-of-breed solutions to ease the deployment, management and scale of their OpenStack-based Compute (Nova) and Block Storage (Cinder) infrastructure.

"SolidFire is committed to OpenStack far beyond a plug-in integration-we are dedicated to leading contributions and integrations that will help OpenStack continue to foster innovation in cloud computing," said Dave Wright, SolidFire CEO. "These integration efforts, coupled with our revolutionary quality-of-service architecture, are starting to convert into real customer momentum as demonstrated by some of our early OpenStack deployments."

"Balancing our customers' demands for consistent storage performance and our business imperative of increasing profitability can be a difficult proposition in cloud infrastructure", said Nat Kemberling, CTO, Brinkster. "With SolidFire and OpenStack fueling our cloud service, we will finally be able to deliver SLA-backed storage performance guarantees for our customers tier-1 applications while simultaneously improving the underlying economics of our infrastructure. This is a powerful combination for Brinkster and our customers."

"The OpenStack Cinder project has assembled an attractive value proposition for customers looking to deploy block storage services. The project is community driven, and SolidFire's contribution, integration efforts and early deployment momentum are notable." said Dan Iacono, Research Director for IDC Cloud Storage.

SolidFire at OpenStack Design Summit Attendees at OpenStack Design Summit in Portland, Oregon can visit SolidFire's exhibitor booth (Booth C18) for more information.

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