The 5 Principles That Enable Service Providers to Grow

One thing truly dominates today’s managed and hosted services landscape: ultra competitiveness. Ordinary, scale-up infrastructures simply do not deliver the elasticity, efficiency, and cost effectiveness necessary to maintain an advantage in this rapidly shifting market. Only the innovation possible with a web-scale next generation data center (wNGDC) can. Here are the five core principles that make it possible.

The service providers that are seeing the full benefits of next generation data centers are following these five principles to implement innovation across each layer of their infrastructure stack — affecting the software, processes, and people that support every aspect of their service delivery. The results are indisputable:

  • Storage is monetized like never before
  • More customer applications are supported with complete predictability
  • Financial risk is reduced
  • Operations are streamlined through total automation of storage tasks

These five principles are the core of enabling this change in a service provider’s market penetration and profitability.

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