Gartner’s Evolution of Bimodal IT

When Gartner first introduced the practice of bimodal IT at its 2014 Data Center Infrastructure and Operations Summit, it was hot off the press.

Essentially, Gartner explained how enterprise IT organizations were splitting into two distinct tiers: one taking care of the traditional IT operations running today’s enterprise apps (think safety and accuracy) and the other charged with exploring infrastructure to support next generation apps and services (think agility and speed).

The analysts I spoke with said an exploratory IT team is not easy because you have to challenge conventional thinking, accept the risks, and get comfortable with a pace of change that is very different from the current way IT operates.

But Gartner’s advice to its clients was clear both then and during its subsequent conference: To ensure the future of their organizations, enterprise IT must — not should, but must — proactively establish a second-mode organization focused on technology and services innovation.


The evolution of Gartner’s bimodal IT concept

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