Designing the Next Generation Data Center

Gartner recently revealed that IT currently faces an average annual growth rate (AAGR) of 10% in server workloads; 20% in power demands; 35% in network bandwidth; and an astonishing 50% AAGR in storage.

Don’t just keep pace with that growth. Here’s what you can consider as you shift to a next generation data center that solves for today while performing most storage management tasks more than 4x faster and lowering TCO by more than 65%.

Cloud infrastructure delivery models are the driving force of this change — such as IaaS, private clouds, and software-defined data centers (SDDC). These models demonstrate how to ensure production-grade support with a massive flow of new applications and data by:

  • Eliminating bottlenecks
  • Increasing self-service
  • Moving the business forward

There are five architectural principles guiding the development of the next generation data center: scale-out, guaranteed performance, automated management, data assurance, and global efficiencies.

Download this report to discover what those mean to you.

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