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Here’s your assessment of which all-flash array (AFA) is right for the needs of your data center. Every platform delivers speed and capacity, but each vendor has uniquely distinguished itself in a certain area.

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What makes SolidFire SF Series a major player?

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QoS Capabilities

SolidFire sets the bar by providing a complete set of controls on the array itself to set maximum, minimum, and burst limits for IOPS.

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Scale-out architecture

SolidFire allows more granular performance expansion options than the other two AFA vendors using scale-out architectures.

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Multi-tenancy support

More than any other AFA, SolidFire's support for multitenant environments is extensive, supporting an installed base runs at higher levels of utilization.

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Top-end scalability

By allowing generational mixing, SolidFire supports an excellent technology refresh paradigm that is flexible, nondisruptive, and guaranteed.