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Consumption Continuum

Your step-by-step guide to choosing your next generation infrastructure

Use the Infrastructure Consumption Continuum
Selecting your next infrastructure is never simple. What tradeoffs are you okay making and what does that mean for your future infrastructure? We call this situation the Infrastructure Consumption Continuum.

Find out which infrastructure model is best suited for your needs by clicking your two most important priorities below.

Click two of the five priority boxes below (Ease of Implementation, etc.). Your first click will eliminate — grey out — two infrastructure models that do not meet your needs. Your second click will reveal the two models best suited for you. Start over after two clicks by clicking a new priority.

Please visit the Infrastructure Consumption Tool from your desktop to experience the full functionality of the tool.

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As a Service


Converged Infrastructure

Best of Breed Appliances

Software on Commodity Hardware

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Ease of Implementation

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More Lock-in

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Degree of Vendor Lock-in

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Less Lock-in

Less Flexible

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Implementation Flexibility

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More Flexible

At Small Scale

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Cost Efficiency

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At Large Scale

Now make sense of your results
Download an in-depth, complimentary vision paper from Dave Wright, SolidFire Founder and CEO, to understand:

  • Why each model exists
  • The key considerations and tradeoffs of each model
  • How to use the tool to select the best consumption model for you

Download the supplementary paper, Using the Infrastructure Consumption Continuum, to learn more about your results.

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