Making the Most of Private Cloud with OpenStack and the Right Storage

Cloud services have shown just how responsive and self-service oriented IT delivery can be, and more and more companies are looking to launch this flexibility, scale, and automation inside their firewalls. In fact, private cloud is the most popular cloud deployment model and is expected to grow at twice the rate of public cloud.

OpenStack provides the flexibility to explore an orchestrated private cloud with little risk. Here’s how to make the most of your private cloud with OpenStack together with the right storage — so that storage does not become a barrier to your cloud success.

Private cloud: The benefits of cloud computing, inside your firewall

Gartner highlighted five key attributes of private clouds.1 These distinct characteristics make private cloud a compelling infrastructure delivery model to many organizations: 2

  • Resources are provided as services
  • Services are scalable and elastic to meet consumer demands
  • Resources are shared to build economies of scale
  • Services are tracked with usage metrics to enable multiple payment models
  • Cloud is delivered using Internet identifiers, formats and protocols

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