Is IT suffering from Stockholm Syndrome?

If you've been involved with infrastructure refreshes, especially with storage, you are probably intimately familiar with the corresponding pain and agony. This abuse is more a byproduct of how technology progresses and is architected versus directly abusive actions from vendors in the industry. Regardless, the sad result is as an industry, we've grown to accept them as expected, even allowing ourselves to become sympathetic.

Meanwhile, companies such as AHCS and their EZVerify platform have evolved beyond this old-school refresh strategy. Rather than spending a year developing a five-year strategy, they have adopted a more nimble mindset that allows for agility, stability and an ongoing ambition to permanently think beyond the boundaries of typical.

Still, not everyone is there, but it’s how they have been conditioned.

I regularly encounter IT organizations who admit refreshing infrastructure is a tremendous challenge and expense of resource and in the following breath defend the situation. Just looking at the process for procuring and implementing storage solutions. It's a series of beatings and valueless activities.

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