Purchase and consume all-flash storage exactly how your business needs

Purchasing storage has always meant buying hardware and software together as one appliance, paid in full, no matter how much capacity you use. Now, there's a better way that aligns with how you actually use storage. SolidFire Capacity Licensing delivers a more agile, economical, and future-proofed approach to buying and consuming storage.

Combining the best of both worlds

SolidFire Capacity Licensing delivers the ease of buying storage hardware together with the cost and flexibility of software-only storage — without supply chain, system integration, and support complexities.


  • Complete hardware and software solution
  • Single price for hardware and software appliance
  • Complete hardware and software solution
  • Single price for hardware and software appliance

SolidFire Capacity Licensing

  • Complete HW and SW solution
  • SW is perpetual and independent from hardware
  • Volume-discounting for SW
  • Enterprise-wide, capacity-based SW license for multiple sites
  • Transparent HW & SW pricing
  • SW pricing based on Provisioned capacity
  • Higher availability with no-downtime upgrades
  • Single call support

Software-defined storage

  • Custom HW
  • SW-only licensing
  • Flexible SW pricing options and terms
  • Customer-managed supply chain
  • Complex sourcing challenges
  • Time-consuming system integration
  • Complicated support

Take advantage of the greatest flexibility for growing your storage infrastructure.

SolidFire's Capacity Licensing allows you to purchase SolidFire storage based on provisioned capacity. Now, it's extremely simple and economical to use SolidFire's market-leading block storage software across an entire data center footprint, precisely aligned with ever-changing data center needs.

How your data center will benefit

Unimaginable flexibility

Unbundle your storage software from hardware to use storage how and when you need it.

Perpetual licenses

Buy software once, use it forever when upgrading, repurposing or consolidating hardware.

Total predictability

Buy storage based on provisioned capacity to get exactly what your business needs.

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