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Primary storage for cloud computing requires a new solution.
That simple truth is one of the biggest lessons I learned from my time at Rackspace.

Cloud computing amplifies many of the shortcomings of today’s enterprise storage systems. Demands around scalability, performance, efficiency, availability, and automation increase dramatically when you move from an enterprise environment supporting a few dozen applications to a cloud that is the backbone of thousands.

Since it’s inception, SolidFire has been focused on solving one critical problem: How to provide high-performance primary storage to thousands of applications in a cloud computing environment. Today we are starting to take the covers off the amazing technology we’ve built to address this challenge. Technology that has the potential to not just revolutionize the cloud computing world, but the entire landscape of primary storage.

Behind the technology is an equally amazing team composed of storage industry veterans from LeftHand Networks, IBM, and HP, distributed computing wizards from Cornell and Georgia Tech, and industry experience in virtualization and cloud computing from VMWare and Rackspace.
We’re fortunate to be backed by a team of investors from Valhalla, Novak Biddle, and NEA with both the long term vision and deep pockets necessary to help us build a world class company.
Over the coming weeks and months, I look forward to sharing more of our vision, our team, our product, and the groundbreaking technology  that makes it all possible.

-Dave Wright, Founder & CEO

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