VMworld 2013: Above the Crowd (Literally & Figuratively)


With the VMworld exhibit hall overflowing with flash vendors, there is no question that the flash storage movement has a lot of buzz. But flash by itself is a means to an end. As the core component of competitive differentiation it is likely an unsustainable trend. Tactically, however, there is a small window of opportunity to continue to differentiate with an IOPS-centric story. This probably helps explain why so much money is being spent at conferences like VMworld to stand out from the sea of vendors pitching slightly different versions of the same thing.

At SolidFire, flash is certainly a part of what we do, but it barely scratches the surface of the value our system delivers to customers. The more enduring theme that we have thrown all our weight behind is the architecture of a storage system designed to embrace the movement from silo’ed to shared IT infrastructure. The conversations we had last week at VMworld continues to reinforce our belief that customers are focused on this very same trend.

The SolidFire Lounge was across the street from the conference on the 31st floor of the W Hotel….above the crowd, literally. The venue provided an opportunity to break away from the conference madness and engage customers and prospects in more strategic conversations and deep technical demonstrations. Few of these discussions revolved around flash, but rather focused largely around the following topics:

  • The challenges of consolidating disparate applications onto a highly available shared storage platform
  • Eliminating resource contention and complex workarounds to deliver consistent and guaranteed application performance
  • How to entirely remove the complexities and inefficiencies that come with traditional  storage provisioning to drive maximum virtual machine density in minimum footprint
  • Exploring the depth of management stack integrations (e.g. VMware, OpenStack, CloudStack) that form the foundation of customers most strategic IT initiatives.

As virtualized environments scale, and as cloud design principles increasingly work their way into enterprise IT environments, the need for more scalable, automated and economical storage platforms is too difficult to ignore. Our interactions continue to confirm corporate IT’s movement towards delivering shared infrastructure, and that the challenges ahead are not going away anytime soon.

Watch this video to get a glimpse into the SolidFire Lounge in the W Hotel:

By the way, if you missed us at VMworld you can still sign up for a demo of our VMware VVOLs, OpenStack or CloudStack integrations. Alternatively you can try and catch us at Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit in late September in Las Vegas.

-Dave Cahill, Director of Strategic Alliances

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