Time for Solutions

Over the past few weeks, we’ve talked about the challenges of providing high-performance primary storage at cloud scale, challenges like performanceefficiency, and management. Today, I’m excited to stop talking about problems, and start talking about SolidFire’s solutions.

This week SolidFire is taking the wraps off our all-SSD storage technology and announcing our early access program. On our new website you’ll find our product described in detail for the first time, including the SolidFire Element™ operating system and the SF3010™ storage node.

After reading more about SolidFire, you may still wonder:

  • Is it really possible to build an all-SSD storage system that scales to petabytes of capacity and millions of IOPS?
  • Can that performance and scalability be achieved at a price per gigabyte similar to disk?
  • Can you really guarantee IOPS to thousands of individual volumes and put an SLA around storage performance?
  • Can efficiency technologies like deduplication and compression actually be built to run in real-time without affecting performance?

We certainly think so, having built the first storage system that can do all this and more. If you’d like to find out how, come talk with us and see what SolidFire can do for you.

-Dave Wright, Founder & CEO

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