The Evolution of Storage & Community in OpenStack


I have noticed a trend in OpenStack since the previous Summit in Atlanta. The role of block storage on the Cinder Project is evolving very quickly and in many ways is reaching an amazing level of maturity through community contributions. The rate of change is fast and furious and we have moved beyond simply breaking block storage out from Nova-compute; we have started looking into what we can do to make block storage in OpenStack the best it can be.

For an idea of the latest status, take a look at John Griffith’s (Cinder PTL and SolidFire Senior Developer) recent update to the community:

As this trend toward maturity and new functionality accelerates, we are seeing an increase in momentum as we head into the OpenStack Summit in Paris. Voting is now open, and if you are an OpenStack Foundation member I encourage you to vote for upcoming sessions through this Wednesday, August 6th.

One of the great things about the OpenStack Summit is the diversity of topics and activities at the event AND that the content is chosen by the community! It doesn’t matter if you are a developer, an operator or a user; there is truly something for everyone.

This diversity and sense of community is reflected in the sessions SolidFire is participating in for the next OpenStack Summit. Listed is a number of great sessions:

If you are interested in where storage in OpenStack is headed, I recommend two sessions:

The Role of Software Defined Storage in OpenStack

Next-Gen Organizational Design – Growth Hacking with “BusDevOps”

What are the challenges we face today? That is a question we attempt to answer in this panel, and I’m excited to be part of such a great roster of guest speakers:

Ask the Experts: Challenges in OpenStack Storage

As somebody who started out in the virtualization community, I am often asked two main questions: “How do you get started in OpenStack?” and “How does OpenStack work with VMware?” Answering the first question is exactly why a number of us in the community got together and submitted Building a Cloud Career in OpenStack. In this session we will attempt to address common questions and concerns, and share why we believe your future is in OpenStack. To answer the second question, OpenStack for VMware Operators was created and has been an extremely successful long-running session I highly recommend.

Lastly, if you are interested in how to guarantee performance in Cinder with SolidFire storage, please consider voting for Predictable Cinder Performance with SolidFire Storage. I promise to do a live demo, so on the offchance it goes up in flames you can watch with your own eyes!

SolidFire is committed to the OpenStack Community and to the future of OpenStack storage. Please join us in our sessions; we look forward to an awesome event in Paris!

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