The Challenges of Cloud Service Providers-Part Two – Virtustream


At VMworld earlier this fall Matt Theurer, SVP of Solutions Architecture and Rodney Rodgers, Chairman and CEO of Virtustream took some time to sit down with the folks SiliconAngle TV to discuss some of the challenges that cloud service providers are facing.  During their discussion they talked about the specifics of their business and their focus on enabling high performance applications like SAP within their shared infrastructure.  Key to their success in this space has been their ability to carve up compute, networking and IOPS and bundle them into what they call an “infrastructure unit”.  Customers can combine as many IUs as needed to meet their requirements, and this enables Virtustream to provide some of the most comprehensive SLAs in the industry.

Matt takes the conversation a bit deeper discussing some of the more granular performance challenges posed by traditional spinning media.  He discusses how the ability to guarantee storage performance would allow them to be even more exacting in their SLAs and raise their overall efficiency.  At SolidFire, one of our primary goals is to enable cloud service providers to allocate storage performance as easily as they allocate storage capacity; and to do so for thousands of volumes within a shared infrastructure.  This capability allows companies like Virtustream to wrap SLAs around exact performance metrics and maintain customer performance expectations regardless of the activity within the system.

-Jay Prassl, VP of Sales & Marketing

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