SolidFire releases Java software development kit


Now available: A software development kit for the Java programming language, focused on accelerating the tasks required to provision, mount, and use SolidFire.

Ubiquitous: /yo͞oˈbikwədəs/ present, appearing, or found everywhere.

If you have anything to do with software development — you’re a developer, you’re providing infrastructure for developers, you’re deploying the net results of the development — one word is ubiquitous: accelerate.

  • Accelerate development
  • Accelerate infrastructure provisioning
  • Accelerate test and QA
  • Accelerate deployment

Going faster often means addressing business needs with more agility: creating new features more quickly, getting them to market before someone else does, keeping end users happy, and — hopefully – differentiating your software offering.

Software development kits (SDKs) are often the peas to accelerated development’s carrots. SDKs facilitate the creation of applications for specific platforms. SolidFire today released an SDK for the Java programming language — supporting Java 7 and 8 — focused on accelerating the tasks required to provision, mount, and use SolidFire.

Actions such as account or volume creation, deletion, and modification can facilitate accelerated development and provide benefits, such as:

  • Reduction in unique code needed to integrate with a SolidFire cluster
  • Reduction in amount of skeleton and template code
  • Accelerated time to product release by reducing common coding tasks

To download our SDK and begin accelerating your development, visit GitHub, and make sure to check out our Developer Community.


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