SolidFire Launch at Gigaom Structure

If you have been following us here at SolidFire over the last few months, you know that we officially came out of stealth-mode at the Gigaom Structure conference in San Francisco in June.  Structure provided us a great launch-pad to begin talking publicly about our company, our technology, and the availability of our early access program.

You can watch a playback our Founder and CEO, Dave Wright, participating on a panel titled Cloud Storage: Moving Beyond Backup.

We have had fantastic press and analyst coverage over the past couple of  weeks; numerous editors, bloggers, and analysts talked through their articles, blog posts, or tweets about the SolidFire solution, and you can find it all in the News section of our website.  We also refreshed our website to enable customers to begin to dive deeply into our technology and understand the impact that a SolidFire solution can have on their primary storage portfolio.  Make sure you take a few minutes to check our videos to learn about the benefits of SolidFire performance, efficiency and automated management each in 90 seconds or less.

As a company, we are growing rapidly here in Boulder, Colorado, and it is great to be part of Boulder’s thriving storage and start-up community.  We have new people joining the team every week, and new customers joining our early access program almost daily.  It is an exciting time for us at SolidFire, as well as for our early access customers who are now able to offer scalable primary block storage to thousands of servers.

For Dave, Adam, and I, Structure was a great opportunity to finally let loose our enthusiasm for the work that we are doing at SolidFire. When you are passionate about what you do, stealth-mode can be a drag, and all of us are glad to be getting on with the business of helping cloud providers enable high-performance and high-efficiency primary block storage within the cloud.

To stay in formed on what is new with SolidFire and to keep up with our growing community, sign up on our mailing list or follow us on Twitter @solidfire.

-Jay Prassl, VP of Sales & Marketing

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