SolidFire adds fuel to all-SSD storage solution with $25M in funding

Over the last few months we have been writing about a number of topics surrounding  SolidFire’s all-SSD storage technology. It is important for us that we strike a balance between  being informational about SolidFire, but also educational about how some of the most successful cloud service providers in the world are thinking about SSD technology and how guaranteed QoS is impacting their business.  Here are SoftLayer and Virtustream discussing their thoughts on the use of solid-state technology in their cloud.

Currently there are a number of world-class cloud service providers evaluating over 500TB of SolidFire’s all-SSD storage technology. They are evaluating the solution technically, but also evaluating it from a business perspective as well.  For every customer we work with, SolidFire technology is radically changing their business.  These IaaS providers are now able to invite new mission critical and performance sensitive applications into their cloud, and build new revenue streams and customer value around guaranteed performance. There is a very good reason that 3Par, EMC, and NetApp customers have all joined our Early Access program.

No other storage technology in the world has SolidFire’s capability to combine revolutionary performance management, in-line storage efficiency, and full system automation.

There are many service providers out there simply making due with what has been available in the market. If you are reading this blog, you are probably one of them.  You, and each of our early access customers all feel the same way – current technology can’t get me to where I want to go.

SolidFire can.  SolidFire can bring your cloud to the next level and add to your bottom line in a way that no 3Par or NetApp system ever could.  Think deduplicating a single volume is interesting? How about deduplicating your entire data store across thousands of customers.  SolidFire offers not  just incremental change, but rather a massive leap forward in how storage systems really SHOULD be built.  Why wait for your current vendor to drag themselves up to date?

To help get SolidFire technology in front of every cloud service provider, today we announced the closing of our $25 million Series B funding round, bringing our total funding to $37 million. We will be investing in our sales and marketing teams to broaden our reach, and will be accelerating our technical development as well.

SolidFire is on a fantastic roll and we want to give you the chance to learn about our technology.  We have a webinar coming up on November 17th and want to urge you to carve out an hour to spend with us. We will be talking about: How Performance Virtualization Enables New Storage Services in the Cloud.

If your cloud is held back by complex, expensive storage systems and would like to know more about our solution attend our webinar or Talk with Us!!

-Jay Prassl, VP of Marketing

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