Our Thoughts Off The Recent Solid State Storage Symposium

Last week our Founder and CEO Dave Wright attended Tech Field Day’s Solid State Storage Symposium (SSSS) in San Jose. At the event he joined a number of other companies from across the flash storage ecosystem for a day full of lively discussions on the most optimal use cases, implementation types and future directions for flash technology.

Dave kicked off the day with a presentation on SolidFire’s vision for the future of flash storage that really set the tone for the event.  My one line takeaway from his presentation was this: “Sure flash is fast, but what good is all that performance without control”. In his talk he expands the argument to include efficiency and scale. The net of all this is that flash is a means to an end but without complementary innovations across quality of service, efficiency and automation the end market is never going to be as big as some industry analysts are predicting.

At SolidFire we believe that our technology and approach to the market is fundamentally advancing the way the world uses the cloud. In his SSSS presentation I think you will find that Dave paints a clear and compelling picture for where flash is headed and what companies like SolidFire are doing to bring this vision to life. You can find the full presentation from the event on slideshare along with the video posted on Vimeo.

I would also encourage you to check out the panel sessions from the event as well. You will surely find some useful insights across a number of key trends that are shaping the future of solid state.

Hats off to Stephen Foskett and the fantastic moderators that he brought on board for the day.  The content and discussion on these panels are much richer than what you would find at a run of the mill tradeshow.
– Jay Prassl – VP of Marketing

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