OpenStack & Enterprise Forum – The Conversation is Just Beginning


On January 29th, SolidFire hosted the very first OpenStack: Breaking into the Enterprise Forum, that zeroed in on the debate over the opportunity for OpenStack within the enterprise. This event, moderated by Lydia Leong – Reserach VP at Gartner, brought together over 350 participants within the OpenStack community including representation from the OpenStackFoundation, SolidFire, Nebula, Internap, eBay, PayPal, Solinea, HP, and Parc.

In addition to in-person attendance, the event was streamed live and cultivated a vigorous discussion with over 2.4M impressions via the twitter hashtag – #OEForum. You can find all of the presentations conversations archived on the SiliconAngle YouTube Channel.  The 2 minute video below highlights the perspective and opinions of both speakers and attendees after the event:

As discussed in Debating the Opportunity for OpenStack in the Enterprise last week, there is no shortage of conversation about the state of OpenStack.

Setting the stage for the Forum was Jay Prassl, VP of Marketing for SolidFire.

“At the root of this event is conversation, vigorous debate and dialogue – Not only about the challenges, but also the opportunity that is presented by OpenStack moving from early adopters into the enterprise.”

The sessions that followed included a discussion on the state of OpenStack, stories of OpenStack deployments by early web-scale and cloud provider adopters, and ended with a discussion of the innovations that are driving OpenStack adoption. Each session is worth reviewing in its entirety.  Over the upcoming weeks, the SolidFire Blog will be highlighting particularly compelling pieces of content and provide our perspective on the challenges and opportunity in greater detail.

As vendors, integrators, users, and participants within the OpenStack ecosystem, our shared opportunity lies within the continued broadening of the OpenStack use case. And as enterprises continue to embrace the shift from delivering siloed IT infrastructure, to delivering IT as a service – we expect OpenStack to be a key enabler to this transition.

The conversation about OpenStack in the enterprise is just beginning…

Have thoughts on what is required for OS to become viable within today’s enterprise? Sound off here in the comments section, or use the #OEForum hashtag on twitter, and we will keep the conversation going.

 -Tyler Hannan, Sr. Marketing Strategist

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