OpenStack Day Two: SolidFire in the Spotlight


Day Two of the OpenStack Summit in Atlanta has wrapped, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.  The morning’s keynotes definitely continued the Summit’s themes of enterprise adoption, with DigitalFilm Tree, AT&T and Sony walking the attendees through their OpenStack implementation details.  Alternately funny (find the video of Guillaume Aubuchon and Collier doing a “Between Two Ferns” parody), powerful (Sony is using OpenStack to run their in-game social interaction platform) and wide-ranging (is there anything AT&T doesn’t do?), we got a great view into the triumphs and challenges that real customers are facing today.

The Canonical keynote has become a crowd favorite at the OpenStack Summit, and Mark Shuttleworth didn’t disappoint.  In the midst of his usual array of live demos, he dropped a bombshell: a “Chuck Norris Grade” private cloud management offering, where customers can have Canonical stand up and manage an OpenStack instance for $15/host per day.

The big announcement of the morning, however, was definitely the launch of the SolidFire Agile Infrastructure reference architecture for OpenStack.  CEO Dave Wright did a great overview of the platform here, definitely check it out! Watch a recording of the Keynote below:

The reality is that there’s been a big void in the OpenStack ecosystem.  Until now, the vast majority of the investment being made have gone (and will rightly continue to go) into the actual development of the code base.  The void has been in how to actually deploy and deliver an entire infrastructure optimized for the OpenStack platform.  As the number of companies looking to deploy OpenStack increases, the need for a reference architecture becomes greater.  The goal is to minimize the amount of non-recurring engineering that is required to get OpenStack up and running, while being committed to allowing customers to bring the hardware that they want to.  Our design uses Dell servers and networking along with the SolidFire storage nodes, but the design would be equally valid with any other vendor gear, including other Cinder-compatible storage.  Obviously we think there’s a lot of value in the things that SolidFire brings to the table, but the overriding goal is to get customers up and running on OpenStack as fast as possible.

From bare metal to operational private cloud, the path to OpenStack has never been easier, and we are just getting started.  If you want to see the platform, talk to the engineers, whiteboard your way through an issue you are seeing in your environment or learn more about the SolidFire advantage, stop by booth A1 tomorrow and say hello! If you’re not at the Summit, visit our SolidFire AI solutions page to watch videos, read the solution brief and download the reference architecture.

-Jeramiah Dooley, Cloud Architect

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