Life as a hosting provider: Why Crucial went looking for storage QoS

Storage QoS (Quality of Service) is important to Crucial because we want our customers to remain competitive. The world has become flat and it’s becoming harder and harder to find a competitive edge. By delivering guaranteed, predictable storage performance to our customers they now are able to drive further efficiencies from their business allowing them to scale without large increases in investment.

Crucial exists to help businesses succeed online and the rapid growth of our cloud services over the past few years challenged our ability to deliver on our purpose. Traditional SAN technologies weren’t designed to scale for the cloud and performance silos were becoming an issue for us and, more importantly, limiting our customers’ ability to make the transition to the cloud. As more and more of our customers took the step to our cloud offerings we soon realized that existing storage solutions were years behind the requirements of businesses, and that spinning disks had finally met their demise since they couldn’t deliver the performance and efficiencies needed in today’s high performance, customer-driven hosting environments.

Another challenge that we faced was that cost creep also became an issue for us. Pricing for traditional SAN solutions was built around enterprises and was never designed for today’s cloud hosting environments. We needed our storage to scale to petabytes–not just terabytes–and on a cost per GB model instead of cost per shelf level model.

By using traditional SAN solutions we were limited in our ability to not only service our existing customers, but also to attract new customers. We were forced to develop hybrid solutions for customers that needed scalable, larger environments to power anything from busy websites, online retail stores or even I/O heavy databases. Our solutions were made up of mixed virtual servers and dedicated servers, which did deliver on our customers’ needs but still posed a number of challenges. The challenges we found with hybrid environments is that they are usually complex, not as flexible or scalable, and don’t deliver high availability unless a considerable investment in time and money was made by the customer as well as our team.

At Crucial we believe that the web should be easy and reliable. Our customers demand performance with simplicity and ease-of-use, so we went looking for a solution that would essentially kill the need to use dedicated servers in hosting environments. We found the performance and the competitive edge in SolidFire.

Learn more about how Crucial is being Fueled by SolidFire.

-Ijan Kruizinga, Sales & Marketing Director, Crucial Cloud Hosting

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