How do you quantify flash storage value?

ESG Lab Whitepaper

We contracted a third party to do an in-depth TCO analysis of our solution vs. traditional storage deployments, and the results prove out what our customers already know. Download the ESG Lab Whitepaper to understand the quantified economic value of a SolidFire deployment.

We are all aware that every vendor trying to sell you something will say they will save your organization money. In storage sales, the discussion often gets down to $/GB, which is important when talking capacity, yet that metric by no means conveys all of the costs associated with deploying and managing a storage solution over the long run.

When considering a storage solution, obviously it is critical to consider both upfront costs and total cost of ownership over the life of the deployment. However, it’s just as important to consider what storage value means to your organization. Does that $/GB price also take into account the value of being able to non-disruptively scale, guarantee performance to every workload, and reduce administrative time — and thereby improve productivity?

At SolidFire, we’re confident in the value our solution brings to customers. Our installed customer base repeatedly testifies that by deploying SolidFire, they’ve been able to more rapidly respond to the needs of their business and drive innovation, improve productivity, and reduce storage complexity, all while reducing costs.

Obviously, we’re thrilled when our customers are willing to provide testimonials. However, for a number of reasons, it can be difficult for them to share TCO numbers. So we contracted a third party to do an in-depth TCO analysis of our solution vs. traditional storage deployments, and the results prove out what our customers already know.

Although to be honest, the results even impressed us!

The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) report “Quantifying the Economic Value of a SolidFire Deployment” is a detailed lab analysis of how SolidFire’s unique scale-out architecture, ability to independently provision capacity and performance, Quality of Service (QoS) functionality, and ability to automate every storage task can significantly reduce administrative tasks, improve productivity, reduce risk, and reduce costs when compared with a traditional storage deployment over three to five years.

These excerpts clearly illustrate the value of the SolidFire architecture. Note that QoS helps eliminate most performance troubleshooting efforts, which in turn improves productivity and minimizes administrative tasks — lowering the overall cost of deployment over time:

QoS key points

The report provides many more proof points highlighting the significant advantages of adopting a next generation storage solution over traditional arrays. It also proves that an all-flash array can be cost effectively used for large scale multi-workload implementations (vs. point solution implementations to fix performance issues), and that there is significant value in the SolidFire architecture.

Our sales team will definitely tell you that a SolidFire implementation will save your organization money, and we are confident you will see reduced cost results across the entire organization.

Download the ESG whitepaper to read the results and proof points to build your Next Generation Data Center.

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