Dell/EMC merger and the shifting IT landscape: Who has the most to gain?


The Dell/EMC deal announced this week took a number of people by surprise, but the writing has been on the wall for some time. None of the large IT vendors can continue in their current form. The landscape is shifting underneath them and the best they can do is tread water.

We are going to see a massive transformation of the entire Enterprise IT world over the next 24 months – the split of HP and the Dell/EMC merger are just the opening acts. 

For SolidFire, this couldn’t be a more exciting time. We are at the precise epicenter of this disruption. The very trends that SolidFire was founded to capitalize on are the shifts happening now. And they have every enterprise IT company scrambling:

  • The rise of the service provider and public cloud as major buyers of IT systems
  • The adoption of SaaS for software and IaaS for infrastructure on demand
  • The rapid disappearance of the startup and SMB market as IT hardware purchasers
  • The consumerization of IT
  • Increased expectations for infrastructure and storage efficiency
  • The public cloud as a benchmark for infrastructure pricing and agility

These trends are now well established and irreversible; every IT vendor has to decide how they will adapt:


… in some cases, all of the above. But at the end of the day, one thing remains true:

It’s better to be the disruptor than the one being disrupted.

Read more about Dell’s acquisition of EMC here.



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