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Val Bercovici, a longtime NetApp executive and member of the office of the CTO, will join SolidFire as Field CTO effective immediately. In this new role, Bercovici will oversee and lead SolidFire’s technical team, serving as both an evangelist and strategic counsel for the field architects who provide specialist support to the largest and most complex customer deployments Bercovici has served as NetApp’s Global Cloud CTO and Cloud Czar for the past six years, pioneering assessments and strategies for the company’s cloud storage and data management portfolio. Over the course of nearly 20 years with NetApp, his teams have played an integral role in successfully evolving the company beyond a pure storage play and into the cloud era. Bercovici, a pioneer in the cloud space, introduced the first international Cloud Standard to the marketplace as CDMI (ISO INCITS 17826) in 2012 and has patents pending around the data center application of augmented reality.

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The new SolidFire Office of the CTO team, led by Field CTO Val...

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