451 Research Webcast: Escaping the Storage Licensing Money Pit


At NetApp SolidFire, we have always sought out the most demanding customers in the world. Whether service providers or enterprises, it really doesn’t matter — the common characteristics are around delivering shared IT Infrastructure at scale.

These environments are dynamic, unpredictable, and experiencing rapid growth and have thrived on the unique SolidFire technology platform. But we have always been looking at ways that we can make the consumption and commercial models for deploying storage in these next-generation environments better, not just the technology.

In designing a new licensing model, we set out to destroy the rigid, inflexible traditional storage pricing and licensing models that plague people charged with architecting, deploying, and managing next generation data centers.

We also set out with a clear belief that flash hardware platforms are quickly becoming commoditized, and we need to be ahead of that curve, giving our customers complete transparency into the hardware costs by separating out the hardware from software costs.

And thirdly, we set out to simplify the discussion on data efficiencies, which can make comparing flash options in large scale, multi-application environments difficult, to say the least.

Gain insight from Tim Stammers, 451’s senior storage analyst, and myself as we explore a more agile, economical and future-proofed approach to buying storage systems — eliminating the unnecessary burdens imposed by more monolithic storage. Learn new ways to buy and use storage based on your business needs, not the way vendors want to sell it.

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