Overcoming the Achilles’ Heel of API-Driven Infrastructure

You already know the promise of running infrastructure as code. Having extensible infrastructure means programmatic control, robust integrations, and great agility. Organizations are adopting infrastructure in large part because of its extensibility and the general robustness of its API. We see this all of the time with SolidFire customers.

Today's IT organizations develop tremendous amounts of automation to run their IT and development shops, enable DevOps groups, and extend features to their cloud management platforms. Dependencies on the API and its associated integrations now exist, but what happens when you need to upgrade the infrastructure to take advantage of new features or capabilities? What impact will this have to your automation?

The typical response to infrastructure upgrades that possibly affect automation is to do an extensive API change test/review before upgrading the infrastructure. This means a delay in adoption since no one wants potential disruption to the critical automation put in place to support the business. This means more time to wait to get value from those features — and potentially considerable energy spent.

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