IT Automation for High-Performance SaaS

Written by:
Jessica Haze

November 18, 2016


Software-as-a-Service pretty much launched today’s era of cloud-based delivery of products and services. Now, SaaS is poised to become a $100 billion industry by 2020. What’s the most effective strategy for introducing new offerings and differentiating services to end users?

It all boils down to helping your customers have an exceptional experience — because they are tired of slow, complicated, and inefficient solutions that don’t meet expectations. And the most critical need for getting there is automating your SaaS infrastructure.

SaaS users don’t just expect software delivery, they expect it as a service. For SaaS companies, growth means accelerating how quickly they can add new functionalities for existing customers (70 to 95% of revenue) more so than expanding with net new customers (just 5 to 30% of revenue). Product innovation and positive customer experience are the top priorities for SaaS providers to build their margins and grow share.

The pace at which companies can turn customer interactions into insight, insight into strategy, and then into product functionality has a direct effect on the bottom line.

Addressing savvy SaaS users

How do you meet these expectations? First, recognize that everything is about the end user. They don’t care about CapEx or OpEx. They’re only looking for what matters to them:

  • Software tailored to meet their unique, specific needs.
  • Instant service upon signing up for SaaS applications.
  • Maintenance activity that is invisible to their experience.
  • Software solutions that integrate with other platforms — even those from different companies — without any vendor lock-in.

Delivering smart SaaS infrastructure

Offering a good “product” doesn’t guarantee success in the SaaS market. By building complete solutions (product and services), SaaS providers not only improve their customer retention and margins but also establish businesses that can build and maintain competitive advantages.

It’s time to succeed now by automating your SaaS infrastructure to simultaneously focus on the future with these six strategies.

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