Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Agile, scalable storage for your virtual desktop environments. At any scale.

SolidFire is the only storage system that can cost-effectively deliver the flexibility and adaptability required to support evolving large scale virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployments. With granular Quality of Service (QoS) controls and a scale-out architecture, SolidFire is uniquely suited to manage and adapt to the mixed and unpredictable workload profiles that exist in VDI environments.

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VDI Partners

VMware Horizon View

SolidFire is simple, flexible, cost-effective storage with complete performance control and changing the expectations of storage in large scale VDI deployments.

VMware Horizon View Datasheet →

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Citrix XenDesktop

SolidFire provides the flexibility and adaptability necessary to cost effectively drive a large-scale Citrix XenDesktop environment.

Citrix XenDesktop Datasheet →

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