OpenStack block storage built for the most demanding environments

Discover what’s possible with your OpenStack cloud when Cinder block storage works for you, not against you. SolidFire believes storage should never be a barrier to cloud computing. That’s why our all-flash, scale-out system is the best block storage for OpenStack and is built to enable the demands of production-ready cloud environments.

What can you accomplish when you have the right OpenStack infrastructure?

Seize the advantages of the leading block storage choice for OpenStack

In today’s age of global business, the importance of IT infrastructure cannot be understated. Reliable and flexible infrastructure is critical to any business, and the era of cloud services has raised the bar on what it means to deliver IT services. When you deploy the right OpenStack storage, you can focus up the stack on application deployments, iterate and innovate more, and get back to the business of your business. SolidFire’s all-flash, scale-out storage:

  • Provides industry-best Cinder integration and can be deployed for use in OpenStack in under a minute
  • Scales nondisruptively, enabling you to grow your Cinder block storage resources without impact as business needs demand
  • Guarantees performance to all tenants and applications in your cloud
  • Ensures all your cloud data is available and protected against loss and corruption
  • Is an easily programmable resource through our full-featured API and complete automation, reducing manual coding and errors
  • Is fully compatible with Swift object storage for integrated backup and restore

Guarantee performance to the most demanding OpenStack workloads

Confidently host your most critical applications in a multi-tenant, OpenStack cloud infrastructure — whether you are a service provider or enterprise — and even if you’re migrating legacy virtualized workloads to OpenStack or running them side-by-side. Only SolidFire combines proven OpenStack block storage deployments with an all-flash architecture and Quality of Service (QoS) controls that meet the needs of legacy and cloud-native applications. Now you can not just provide accelerated performance, but you can guarantee that performance, all on a single system.


Scale and automate your cloud nondisruptively as you grow

Cloud computing implementations are all about the ability to scale and automate. Your OpenStack storage must scale, too. SolidFire storage systems leverage a true scale-out architecture that delivers linear scalability of both capacity and performance, allowing you to easily add resources as needs dictate, non-disruptively and without stopping Cinder services. Eliminate multi-year capacity planning and performance projections, and scale on demand. SolidFire’s complete set of APIs and deep OpenStack Cinder integration enable increased automation and end user self-service. Eliminate error-prone manual tasks, troublesome scripting hacks, and build an unrivaled foundation for scaled automation and full orchestration.

Many OpenStack use cases. One block storage system.

Infrastructure as a Service

Quickly provision hundreds to thousands of virtual machines or containers, reducing IT management time.

Platform as a Service

Deliver a linearly scalable development platform that ensures a predictable application experience to each developer.

Software as a Service

Guarantee application performance, and nondisruptively scale your service as your user base expands.


Iterate and evolve applications, and test them in an environment that mimics production to reduce risks, time, and cost.

Cloud Databases/Database as a Service

Reduce deployment times, scale services horizontally, and make efficient use of storage resources through automated database provisioning, setup, and configuration.

Deploy orchestrated, shared infrastructure done right

When it comes to deploying OpenStack, one size doesn’t fit all. You need to choose the right tool for the job. SolidFire has strong partnerships with leading OpenStack distribution providers, including Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® OpenStack Platform, Mirantis, Platform9, and Cisco Metapod, accelerating your process of deploying and managing an OpenStack cloud. Deployment tools, such as Puppet modules, the Mirantis Fuel plug-in, or Platform9 Cinder integration, further streamline and accelerate the delivery of your OpenStack cloud.

Go from zero to OpenStack cloud in under 90 minutes

SolidFire’s Agile Infrastructure converged infrastructure reference architecture for OpenStack enables you to quickly and efficiently deploy an OpenStack cloud. No matter your use case, Agile Infrastructure delivers the performance of dedicated storage and the economy of shared infrastructure.

SolidFire has industry-leading Cinder integrations

Committed to OpenStack Cinder

SolidFire was there at the beginning when Cinder became a separate project from Nova, and our first Cinder driver released with OpenStack Folsom in 2012. That’s six generations of drivers and continued integration, exposing the depth and breadth of SolidFire features to OpenStack via our APIs. We remain a committed corporate sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation and regularly submit code into the Cinder project.

Quickly configure SolidFire block storage in OpenStack

SolidFire’s Cinder driver is elegant and straightforward, allowing customers to configure OpenStack for SolidFire in minutes, without the need for additional configuration libraries or add-ons. The maturity of the driver reveals itself in its easy setup for users and the completeness of the feature set once setup is complete:

  • Clone full environment with no impact to storage capacity
  • Guarantee performance through full Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Speed deployment with Glance image caching, and boot from volume capabilities
  • Live migrate instances between OpenStack compute servers completely nondisruptively
  • Easily triage issues through 1:1 ID mapping between Cinder Vol-ID and SolidFire volume name
  • Automate configuration of SolidFire’s Cinder driver through available Puppet module

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