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Discover the definitive
all-flash storage for the
next generation data center.

Explore the SolidFire platform

SolidFire storage solutions deliver all the transformative power you need to deploy new applications and capabilities faster, more securely, with greater agility, and more cost-efficiently.

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If it's worth doing, it's worth automating — the key to unlocking the efficiencies like deploying VMs up to 15X faster and gaining up to 134 hours of productivity per user per year.

The 2015 Storage Automation Report

With data from over 300 IT professionals, this report details the drivers behind storage automation and the benefits being realized.

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Mastering Puppet: Storage Configuration and Automation

Learn how to use a tool like Puppet to manage your full IT stack as a single manifest.

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IT Automation for High Performance SaaS

Here are the 6 strategies necessary for SaaS success — all built around an automated storage infrastructure.

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Why does DevOps demand a next-generation data center? For a modern, programmable infrastructure that increases agility and accelerates business.

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The Top 3 Benefits of Real World DevOps

Everyone’s talking about DevOps. What does this new-ish process strategy really mean for your teams? And what does storage have to do with it?

Explore the benefits of DevOps

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The intersection of DevOps, containers, and storage

Two thirds of executives today live in fear of digital disruption. It’s time to accelerate your efforts to modernize your entire approach to IT.

Where does modern IT fit for you?


Containers have reinvented how to create, manage, and run applications more efficiently than ever. That said, containers lack a built-in answer for persistent storage, which theoretically limits the number of workloads that can be run in a containerized environment. Read this article to learn how to achieve persistent storage and overcome this challenge.

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Where can you can take your cloud when storage works with you, not against you? Discover storage built to enable the demands of your production-ready cloud environments.

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Making the most of cloud with OpenStack and the right storage

Explore an orchestrated private cloud with little risk using OpenStack and the right storage

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Object Storage vs Block Storage: Which is Right For Your OpenStack Cloud?

Simply the most difficult part of your private cloud by choosing the right storage

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You Picked OpenStack. Now What?

Learn how OpenStack optimizes cloud orchestration with robust automation

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Explore the possibilities of having a single, secure, high-availability solution that completely automates your VMware storage and easily scales to closely match your compute platform growth.

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Why VMware Virtual Volumes (VVols) Matters to You

VVols provides a host of new benefits.

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VVols Experts Roundtable

Everything you ever wanted to know about VVols but didn’t know to ask.

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Zero-Touch Storage, the Future of SW-Defined Storage

Make VMware faster without touching a thing.

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You’re risking your VMware investment.

Be sure your storage can make the most of your VMware.

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PopUp Tech Talks

Hear from leaders in data center transformation about how they’re solving the same challenges you’re facing as you shift toward what can be done, not how things have been done.

Next Generation Data Center

40% of current market leaders could get displaced by digital disruption in five years. Launching a next generation data center is your answer for being a disruptor, not a disrupted. Here’s how to get started.

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Next Generation Data Center Design Guide

Here’s what you can consider as you shift to a next generation data center that solves for today while performing most storage management tasks more than 4x faster and lowering TCO by more than 65%.

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Video: Flash Arrays Enable the Next Generation Data Center

Discover how all-flash storage solves the challenges of today's workloads with predictable, flexible, and easy management for both performance and capacity.

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