why NetApp SolidFire?
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The definitive all-flash array for the next generation data center.

See if business can keep pace with your IT.

Let’s do things differently and do different things.

Tomorrow isn’t waiting for what you’re doing today. With NetApp SolidFire, get ready to launch solutions now that deliver everything your data center demands for the future. That’s the next generation data center.

Private Cloud

Accelerate self-service and private cloud infrastructure deployment

SolidFire is the block storage choice for private cloud infrastructures, ensuring performance to every application and proven in the world’s most demanding multi-tenant infrastructures.

Web infrastructure

Rapidly respond to customer needs from your IT

SolidFire’s scalability and predictable performance controls ensure consistent delivery of SaaS and web services — so you can provide a more profitable customer experience.

Workload consolidation

Consolidate all workloads within a single all-flash array

SolidFire is built for highly virtualized, mixed workload environments — enabling customers to predictably run thousands of applications within a single shared storage system.

Managed hosting

Develop and monetize new services

Born from the cloud, SolidFire’s scale-out, guaranteed performance architecture is reinventing cloud hosting and managed services offerings.


Speed up application development and test cycles

SolidFire’s deep automation capabilities enable dynamic, rapid allocation and tear down of storage resources for on-demand provisioning.

Discover how the SolidFire all-flash array powers the world’s most demanding data centers learn more »

Disruptive new storage models for a new era of digital disruption

Bi-modal IT. Third platform strategies. And more. Data centers are taking a one-way shift toward what can be done, not how things have been done. Why should buying storage be any different? SolidFire delivers dynamic options for purchasing and consuming our transformational Element OS storage software — the only storage software with all five elements necessary for the next generation data center.

FlashForward Software Capacity Licensing

Purchase and consume just the storage you need with software licenses that never expire as you upgrade hardware.

Explore Capacity Licensing →

Best-of-breed SolidFire SF Series hardware

Choose proven storage hardware that scales to petabytes of effective capacity and millions of IOPS* over iSCSI Fibre Channel.

See the SF Series →

Element X program for custom hardware

Leverage your supply chain and partner with SolidFire to jointly validate new hardware platforms for custom Element OS deployments.

Learn about Element X →

Hosting Case Study

"SolidFire is a strategically astute complement to the entire NetApp portfolio. For customers with high-performance applications that demand 100 percent predictability, we use SolidFire. NetApp's versatile storage offering gives us a proven platform for meeting all other needs. Now we can do this all through a unified relationship, without having to sell two separate channels.

Andrew Schroepfer , Chief Strategy Officer, HOSTING

The most complete feature set in all-flash storage.
And then some.

Beyond just all-flash speed, SolidFire has all the traditional features you expect from storage — real-time replication, integrated backup/recovery, end-to-end security, and broad integrations for VMware, OpenStack, and more. That's just the beginning.

SolidFire delivers all the transformative capabilities you need to deploy new applications and capabilities faster, more securely, with greater agility, and more cost-efficiently.

Scale out

  • 10s of TBs to multiple PBs
  • Nondisruptive, no downtime scaling
  • Mixed node and protocol clusters

Complete automation

  • Comprehensive API and cloud-based monitoring
  • Instant provisioning
  • Automatic data distribution and load balancing

Guaranteed Quality of Service

  • Independent control of storage performance and capacity
  • Fine-grain QoS settings
  • Real-time performance management

Data assurance

  • 256-bit encryption at rest
  • Self-healing drive and node rebuilds
  • Rapid, space-efficient snapshots and clones
  • Real-time replication (Asynchronous and Synchronous)

Global efficiencies

  • Inline and post-process compression
  • Always-on deduplication
  • Global thin provisioning
  • No performance impact

Together, SolidFire and NetApp are launching the next era of infrastructure.

All-flash arrays are becoming the default choice in storage, and the integrated NetApp and SolidFire flash portfolio accelerates data center transformation with a flash-first model. Now, customers can achieve the best outcomes across all major data center deployment models — performance applications, virtualized infrastructure, and cloud infrastructure.

Tremendously scalable storage to meet any requirement of rapid growth.

Breakthrough performance that guarantees predictability for all workloads and tenants.

Unbelievable data flexibility across your IT organization.

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