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Support shouldn't be something that happens every once in a while.

From comprehensive installation services to parts availability to speedy support response time, SolidFire Active Support is with you the moment you become a SolidFire customer and deploy your first SolidFire cluster.


The 4 elements of SolidFire Active Support:

  • Proactive Philosophy
    • We monitor and alert you as soon as a problem is present
  • 24/7/365 Worldwide Availability
    • International support offerings with up to 4 hour break-fix
  • Expert Tier/Level 3 Support Engineers
    • No entry level support personnel
  • Active Cloud Monitoring (available soon in Beta)
    • Real-time health diagnostics & historical trending at the cluster,
      node, account & volume level

Levels of Active Support

Levels of support table

For more information or to purchase SolidFire Active Support,
please contact support or call 720-523-3278.