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Support shouldn't be something that happens every once in a while.

At SolidFire, support is an active process that happens consistently from the moment a SolidFire cluster is deployed. SolidFire Active Support continuously monitors and diagnoses systems, ensuring SolidFire products are maintained and operated at the highest possible level of availability and performance.


The 5 elements of SolidFire Active Support:

  • Proactive Philosophy
    • We monitor and alert you as soon as a problem is present
  • Secure Assist
    • SolidFire Support can securely log in to systems to provide hands-on, real-time support
  • 24/7/365 Worldwide Availability
    • International support offerings with up to 4 hour break-fix
  • Expert Tier/Level 3 Support Engineers
    • No entry level support personnel
  • Active IQ
    • Real-time health diagnostics & historical trending at the cluster,
      node, account & volume level

Active IQ Logo

System monitoring without the heavy lifting

Proactively monitor the performance and health of your storage with less effort

SolidFire Active IQ, a key element of Active Support, provides real-time health diagnostics and historical trending at the cluster, node, account, and volume level. Active IQ displays information about the health of all deployed SolidFire clusters, all through a single management console. Active IQ features include:

  • Consolidated monitoring and custom alerting
  • Granular data on system performance and health
  • Five-year data retention period

Levels of Active Support


  Basic System Premium
4 Hour Onsite Support with spares  
Assigned Technical Account Lead and Onsite Services  
Active Cluster Monitoring and Problem Notification
Active Case Upgrades and Notification of Elements Release/Upgrades
Repleacement Parts Delivery Time NBD 4 hour
Support Availability 24/7/365 24/7/365
Support Response Time Sev1 - 2 Hour
Sev2 - 4 Hour
Sev3 - NBD
Sev1 - 30 min
Sev2 - 2 Hour
Sev3 - 4 Hour
Unlimited Access to Customer Knowledge Base / Support Portal
Unlimited Access to SolidFire Update and Patches
Unlimited Access to Updated Release Notes, API Guides and User Guides
Active IQ of Unlimited Clusters

For more information or to purchase SolidFire Active Support,
please contact support or call 720-523-3278.