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Enterprise flash storage support should go beyond helping you react to issues, it should enable you to avoid problems.

At SolidFire, support is an active process beginning the moment a SolidFire cluster is deployed. SolidFire Active Support continuously monitors your systems, ensuring SolidFire products are maintained and operated at the highest possible level of availability and performance.


The 5 elements of SolidFire Active Support:

  • Proactive philosophy
    • We monitor and alert you as soon as a problem is present
    • SolidFire addresses up to 80% of issues before customers are even aware of them.
  • Secure assist
    • We provide secure,proactive, hands-on assistance in real-time, or even before you become aware of an issue.
  • 24/7/365 worldwide availability
    • International support offerings with up to 4 hour break-fix
  • Expert tier 3 support engineers only
    • No entry level support personnel
  • Active IQ
    • The SolidFire cloud SaaS platform provides real-time health diagnostics and historical trending at the cluster, node, and volume level for multiple systems from anywhere in the world.

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Holistic system monitoring: The intelligence to proactively plan and rapidly respond, enabling business innovation.

Real-time system monitoring to maximize resource agility and value of your IT infrastructure

The SolidFire Active IQ SaaS platform, a key element of Active Support, provides real-time health diagnostics, historical performance, and trending at the cluster, node, and volume level. Visibility into single or multiple clusters/sites increases agility enabling immediate response to changing business demands and the flexibility to increase productivity while reducing risk. This holistic approach to infrastructure monitoring, combined with SolidFire’s unique abilities to upgrade, tune, and scale on demand without disruption, redefines operational success for storage infrastructure.

As a SolidFire customer with Active IQ, you can expect:

  • Anticipate business demands: Real-time usage modeling and granular system data increase agility — enabling you to proactively plan for evolving business demands, simplifying storage resource optimization.

  • Increased productivity: Consolidated monitoring saves time when managing multiple clusters/sites, and comprehensive storage metrics reduce assessment efforts. This means you have continuous visibility into changing conditions, empowering you to avoid issues rather than react to them.

  • Reduced risk: Customizable alerts notify you in real time of possible issues. Faster response reduces risk for the business.

Levels of SolidFire Active Support


  Support Premium
4 hour onsite support with spares  
Assigned technical account lead and onsite services  
Active cluster monitoring and problem notification
Active case upgrades and notification of Element OS release/upgrades
Replacement parts delivery time NBD 4 hour
Support availability 24/7/365 24/7/365
Support response time Sev1 - 2 hour
Sev2 - 4 hour
Sev3 - NBD
Sev1 - 30 min
Sev2 - 2 hour
Sev3 - 4 hour
Unlimited access to customer knowledge base / support portal
Unlimited access to SolidFire update and patches
Unlimited access to updated release notes, API guides and user guides
Active IQ of unlimited clusters

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For more information or to purchase SolidFire Active Support,
please contact support or call 
US: 720 523 3278
UK: 0203 808 4138