The All-Flash Array Built for the Next Generation Data Center.

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Quality of Service is not a feature.
It's an architecture.

SolidFire’s benchmark for true storage Quality of Service (QoS) sets the standard for delivering an exact level of performance and bandwidth within multi-tenant infrastructures. We built it from the ground up to guarantee performance for large-scale storage infrastructure despite tenant activity or failure condition – a solution made possible only through six core architectural elements.


All-SSD Architecture

Enables the delivery of consistent latency for every IO


True Scale-Out Architecture

Allow for linear, predictable performance gains as systems scale


RAID-less Data Protection

Ensures predictable performance in any failure condition


Balanced Load Distribution

Eliminates hot spots that create unpredictable IO latency


Fine Grain QoS Control

Completely eliminates noisy neighbors, and guarantees volume performance


Performance Virtualization

Controls performance independent of capacity and on demand